Its alive!

Delivery came through from reprapworld yesterday. Stayed up and fiddled with Pronterface and Sprinter firmware and managed to get some movement from the NEMA-17 stepper motor.

I also have second thoughts on the building material of the chassi, mdf board and quality I can achieve with home tools is just not up to standard. I’m planning to order some laser cutting services in acrylic from a local advertising/promotion firm, when I contacted them I was surprised that the price was reasonable.

I will post a new version of my plans as soon as I can.


GRRF delivery

Some small parts arrived from GRRF today, some goodies as pulleys in aluminium, couplings and LM8UU bearings.



First post

This is what I plan to build, taking ideas from
reprap in general and mendel prusa in particular.

My model

My intent is to use common hardware materials found in hardware stores everywhere. Instead of using threaded rods for the frame as is the case with the Prusa I will use mdf board of various thicknesses. I will also use linear bearings of type SC8UU on the smoothrods of all the axes. For electronics I will be using RAMPS v1.4 with Arduino Mega 1280.